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48333[FH] Re: Safe tranquilizer for an HCM kitty?

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  • kateydiddles29
    Jul 2, 2013
      Thanks for all the responses! Am having second thoughts about this move (which is in the same city just a few miles away from our current house).

      Had a showing yesterday and hubby and I loaded 2 dogs and 2 cats (including Zax) into the car for a ride while our house was being looked at. Zax yowled and screamed the entire time and finally vomited. He was so upset.

      Had another showing today. Told realtor we were not leaving house since zax was so upset. she was not happy. too bad for her (i dont mean to make her job more difficult but my pets' well-being comes first). Instead we took the dogs and cats (dogs on leash, cats in a covered playpen) outside in our yard and sat with them. Zax was much calmer as he is used to doing this. We probably looked really funny but it helped my baby boy!

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