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48327Re: [FH] Safe tranquilizer for an HCM kitty?

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  • Dana McCormick
    Jul 1 8:53 AM
      Hi Karen,
      My Fuzz gets a dose of Buprenex before vet appts. He was diagnosed a year ago and his respiration rate would go over 100 and not calm down for several hours after getting home. So we tried a Buprenex dose and he is calm with normal respirations.
      Dana & Fuzz

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      Subject: [FH] Safe tranquilizer for an HCM kitty?
      To: feline-heart@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Sunday, June 30, 2013, 8:40 PM


      I may be moving to a new house soon. Of course my dogs and cats, including my 7 year old HCM boy, Zax, will be coming with me!

      Zax has been a very nervous cat since he was diagnosed 18 months ago. I think the hospitalization for his initial chf episode and the subsequent vet visits for echos, blood tests, etc...have contributed to his level of anxiety. I am really nervous about the move with him. Am so afraid his condition will deteriorate with the move as I am sure he will find it stressful,

      I am reading as much as I can about moving with kitties but was wondering if there is a safe tranquilizer that can be given to HCM kitties as maybe this will help him on the day of the move and maybe the first few days he is in the new house.

      Of course I plan on asking my vet about this too but thought someone with experience with an HCM kitty might have tips etc...

      Thanks so much!

      Karen and Zax

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