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48301Pleural effusion -coughing?

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  • Maggie Wilson
    Jun 24, 2013
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      Hello -

      This past wknd my vet r/x 100ml fluids/day supplemented w/ potassium as my cat's stomach became upset w/ the oral K. I didn't think he needed the fluids as I was giving them in his food but I know he needed the K as it was low and showing symptoms. I questioned him a number of times but he assured me. I only gave 30ml each time trying to get the K, then the third time, my cat began coughing like crazy a few minutes after. It freaked out so I gave him the Lasix shot I was given.

      He was not well since then. I didn't give more fluids. Then today, 2 days later, we had to go in for a chest tap to pull 120 ml from him. I said it was from the fluids and he said no it wasn't and said coughing is not a symptom of 'this kind of effusion' (sac around).

      We were also given Lasix injections that seemed incredibly strong. He became very dehydrated as well.
      How does one become dehydrated and still have pleural effusion?

      Either way, this vet's r/x through us into a tailspin when we were doing ok.

      Also, my cat's CREA is now 3.6 when it was 2.8 a week ago. No other kidney factors were out of line except BUN at 43 which hit had been for wks. (We're also dealing w/ hypothyroid). He said that's normal to raise that fast w/ a problem cat. Is this accurate? The university vet who saw my cat at the ER for the initial RCM/chf d/x said said the CREA and BUN went high b/c of the large Lasix and she brought it down to normal w/ IV fluids and this guy said it's not dehydration at all-just 'bad kidneys.......

      If anyone can help me clarify this, I would greatly appreciate it.

      Thank you....

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