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48294RE: [FH] What is considered high BP for a kitty?

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  • Mary Sue Rubin
    Jun 24, 2013

      That's good news. It obviously helped that you were there. It should get
      easier each you time go with him since Samson will quickly learn that it's
      okay and you'll be with him.

      How did they get the diastolic pressure reading? My understanding is that
      only the systolic pressure is available using a Doppler.

      From what I understand, stress is taken into account and attempts are made
      to reduce the stress and take multiple readings in different situations to
      gauge/reduce the effect of stress, as you have done by being present. Then,
      treatment would be recommended if the reading is consistently over the
      target of 150 (or whatever the target is) if the cat has other medical
      conditions going on that influence or are influenced by blood pressure. My
      vet usually takes 5 - 6 readings, more if the average is over 130. Maybe
      next time you could ask your vet to do more than three. As you see, they can
      jump around during the same exam.

      Mary Sue

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      Hi Feline Heart Group-

      At the vet this past Thursday, my kitty Samson had a average systolic BP of
      180. The vet advised to put him on Norvasc 1.25mg once per day. I asked if
      I could bring him back in with me present and have his BP taken again.
      Today I took him in, and the sound of the Doppler really scared him, but I
      just kept talking to him and she took 3 readings 145-155-165, so the
      average was 155. She says that he does not need Norvasc. His diastolic was

      I wonder how many kitties end up on BP meds unnecessarily because they are
      very stressed out at the vet when their BP was being taken.


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