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48293RE: [FH] What is considered high BP for a kitty?

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  • Shi loh
    Jun 24, 2013
      Hi Feline Heart Group-

      At the vet this past Thursday, my kitty Samson had a average systolic BP of 180. The vet advised to put him on Norvasc 1.25mg once per day. I asked if I could bring him back in with me present and have his BP taken again. Today I took him in, and the sound of the Doppler really scared him, but I just kept talking to him and she took 3 readings 145-155-165, so the average was 155. She says that he does not need Norvasc. His diastolic was 110.

      I wonder how many kitties end up on BP meds unnecessarily because they are very stressed out at the vet when their BP was being taken.


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