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48291Re: Moe Bad News

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  • elfinmyst
    Jun 23, 2013
      Hi Taca

      It's horrible balancing so many issues, I know. I have known two cats with
      shadows on their lung xrays. One sadly had a tumour, but I assume the vet
      would recognise that right away. The other was a very strange case. Seven
      months before he had a car accident and we didn't know at the time had torn a
      small hole in the diaphragm. The hole had enlarged over time and the
      intestines had passed into the chest cavity and caused the lung to collapse.
      This showed as a shadow. We didn't have surgery because he was a very old cat
      and had HCM and kidney and other issues. Shadows can be infections as well.

      _www.myfurkids.co.uk_ (http://www.myfurkids.co.uk/)

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