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48271RE: [FH] What is considered high BP for a kitty?

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  • Mary Sue Rubin
    Jun 21 10:00 AM
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      Hi Shiloh,

      I have experience with BP meds for two of my cats. One cat suffered retinal
      detachment with a BP of 225. I now know the importance of following BP on
      all cats over the age of 8. She was in her teens at that time three years
      ago and showed no signs of a problem until all of a sudden her eyes went
      cloudy. She gets amlodipine, 1.25 mg/day. She has so far not developed heart
      disease, diabetes, or thyroid problems which often go along with high BP. I
      get her BP checked every three months and she is stabilized around 100-110.
      Her amlodipine dose is twice what most cats require as initially a smaller
      dose did not bring her BP down below 170 which was considered too high. Both
      my regular vet and ophthalmologist are concerned when BP is consistently
      above 150 or 160.

      Another cat, who is now 18 and was diagnosed with RCM 5 months ago, didn't
      have high BP but was prescribed benazapril, 1.25 mg/day. Her BP remains
      around 85, which is on the low side of normal.

      Your idea of being present when your cats get their BP checked is essential.
      Stress can affect the reading, but I don't know the average. Don't let them
      weigh him or check his temperature or anything before hand. I hold onto my
      cats wrapped in a favorite blanket or just in my arms the whole time we are
      waiting in the exam room prior to the procedure. Then I hold onto them and
      talk to them softly during the procedure. This has definitely helped with
      the BP of the blind cat. Her reading can increase up to 20 points when she
      is stressed.

      Mary Sue

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      Subject: [FH] What is considered high BP for a kitty?

      Hi Heart Group-

      I just had baseline echos done on 2 of my almost 14 year old kitties.
      Gabriel's showed very mild HCM, and I was just advised to recheck in 6
      months. His BP was 160.
      Samson's showed "diastolic mitral annular velocities - the Ea and Aa waves
      are inverted.
      Dx: Diastolic dysfunction. BP=180.
      It was recommended that Samson start on Norvasc 1.25mg daily. He is a bit
      overweight at 15lbs.

      I told the vet that I would like his BP checked next Monday with me present.
      If he is still reading high, then I would like to start Norvasc .625mg and
      recheck in 1 week, then increase to 1.25mg if he is still hypertensive.

      My question is what is a normal BP for a kitty? How much does the "white
      coat syndrome" add to a kitties BP? I am thinking Samson's extra pound or so
      may not be helping his BP. The cardiologist did note his weight was a bit
      more than it should be.

      Thank you for any advice that you have.

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