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48270What is considered high BP for a kitty?

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  • Shi loh
    Jun 21, 2013
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      Hi Heart Group-

      I just had baseline echos done on 2 of my almost 14 year old kitties.
      Gabriel's showed very mild HCM, and I was just advised to recheck in 6 months. His BP was 160.
      Samson's showed "diastolic mitral annular velocities - the Ea and Aa waves are inverted.
      Dx: Diastolic dysfunction. BP=180.
      It was recommended that Samson start on Norvasc 1.25mg daily. He is a bit overweight at 15lbs.

      I told the vet that I would like his BP checked next Monday with me present. If he is still reading high, then I would like to start Norvasc .625mg and recheck in 1 week, then increase to 1.25mg if he is still hypertensive.

      My question is what is a normal BP for a kitty? How much does the "white coat syndrome" add to a kitties BP? I am thinking Samson's extra pound or so may not be helping his BP. The cardiologist did note his weight was a bit more than it should be.

      Thank you for any advice that you have.

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