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48237Re: My cat is suffering from saddle thrombus and is refusing to eat

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  • rosemairew20
    Jun 15 10:45 PM
      Did the vet not also put him on Heparin? You should talk to them about it.

      When my cat had saddle thrombus everyone said euthanize. But my vet did a old school treatment of DMSO and saline injected in to each hind leg artery. He had blood flow back in a few days and we did a second treatment 3 days later. It took 2 months for him to walk normally. But I bought a brace to help him walk from ortho vet. But if it wasn't for the DMSO treatment my Baxter wouldn't have made it. I have to treat him once every 2 months because he keeps getting clots. I can't give Plavix because it makes him ill and throw up.

      I really hope your baby gets better, but have patience and understand that the nerve damage can take 6 weeks to heal.
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