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48191Re: Baxter, not doing well tonight.

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  • rosemariewentz@hotmail.com
    Jun 6, 2013
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      I email ed the cardiologist and my regular vet. It was midnight when my
      regular vet got back to me. I did give an extra 1/2 dose of lasix last night
      and this morning. He is already on spire 6.25mg twice a day.

      His not as crackly as he was lasts night but still ranging between 45 and 55

      The next nearest emergency vet is over 30 miles away and it would take over
      an hr to get there. With baxter freaking out on car rides it would do more
      damage them good to take him to anER ER.

      Im going to talk to my regular vet and see about getting some injectable
      lasix today and see what the cardiologies says.

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