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  • marianna.mayer
    Jun 6, 2013
      I use the LePooche brushes...these can be ordered direct from the vender online. I don't think they arte available otherwise. Most groomers use this brand.They come in many sizes and pin designs for dogs and cats. Basically it's a gentle, very flexible pin brush. The 'gold' finishing brush, is a small, very flexible soft pin brush, it's one my cats love. Think no pulling b/c it's flexible. My cats actually come and sit next to me to wait for their grooming, whilst I groom another cat or dog. I recommend these highly. The Furminator is a torture for most animals, best only for GSD.
      However ...first order of business...since your Sophie has mats, I think you need a helping hand/hands for this. How about a mobile groomer? Once the matts are cleared away, you can start fresh with a 'at home grooming schedule' that you can do alone.


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      My Sophie girl has long fluffy hair that mats *very* easily. She has many mats now and will not let me deal with them. She used to get shaved 3-4 times a year. She and I were both much happier with that. However, her HCM was discovered as a results of a trip to the groomer. So. . . she can't go anymore. That leaves me alone with the hair and the mats. I have ordered two brushes but I'm wondering if anyone has a great recommendation. I'm not sure how I'm going to get these mats taken care of as it is now. :( I was trying to keep a head of them. I almost feel like messing with her makes them worse. I have a furminator but she hates it. She doesn't really like to be messed with in general and never has. She likes love and affection on her terms and it's rare. So brushing her is her idea of a nightmare. :(

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