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48169update on May

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  • r schu
    Jun 2, 2013
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      Just to follow up. Cardiologist said venous blood gas results are meaningless, so not to worry. (I'm still not sure why the blood results list ranges for arterial as well as venous blood gasses, but...)

      Follow up blood showed crea at 4.6 so the 2.8 was likely a lab error.

      Miss May has been extremely lazy in this heat wave we've been having, lounging around all stretched out. I've given some extra fluid orally, and she seems quite comfortable. Respiration has been good and this morning, no arrythmia, just a 164 heart rate after eating.

      So except for a few out of range blood results (ca) and kidney values, the upped dose of lasix, 3oed, 3+3eod, seems to have things under control.

      Hope all your kitties are doing well, and surviving the heat wave that is almost over in New England, USA.

      -Lee and May
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