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    Jun 2, 2013
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      I just got back from the vet where I took Bobo's body for private cremation.

      So-- I had opted to let BoBo stay one more night at the hospital (cant remember if I wrote this or not earlier) since they had still been monitoring his fever from his urinary infection. I said if he spikes again I would just have to have him brought back in to see if it was not the urinary so I had opted to have them keep him in ICU one additional night. My best friend Amy and I visited with him in a private sitting room last night. He was himself, loving, inquisitive, and we had a good hour of snuggle time last night.

      This morning, I got a call singing his praises: eating well, no more fevers, good urinary output, good breathing for him (like I had said earlier he never breathes below 30), heart rate solid, no more galloping sounds, no crackling in the lungs, and just looking great. Around 11, he got the sign off from the vet to pick him up. I was back home with new meds (2 antibiotics), an appt to recheck his xrays and blood work with the internist on Wednesday. He was being kept on the 3 doses of pimobendan and a slight decrease in lasix.

      I mentioned how he was at home, happy to eat his pimobendan, chased a couple stray greenies crunchies he missed and overall monitoring the things in the house. He was loving all over my mom, overseeing her work. Then I took him in the bedroom when she went to her bathroom to sort clothes. I have mentioned the rest earlier.

      It was surreal, we had a takeout order that I called to cancel (and of course I was a wreck on the phone), I called my professor since I have a paper due originally on the 28th but I broke my hand on the 22nd so I had an extension-- I was going to turn it in tonight but quite frankly I just don't want to finish that today. She was so kind on the phone-- told me to mentally do something nice for myself and my mom. Then I went to the vet (I had called them in advance).

      The front desk staff and the nurse who came to get him were in shock. I am a regular at VSH in Cary, NC. My internist is there and has been an amazing vet for both BoBo and my diabetic kitty, Little Boy (BoBo's brother). They are excellent for critical care-- and since unfortunately, I have aging babies-- I tend to know many of the front desk staff and a few of the ER vets.

      I thought I was a little more "with it" until I went into the hospital to turn him over. The nurse came out; it was the same one who had brought BoBo into the room for my friend and I to visit him. She told me I looked like I needed a hug. She also brought out the paw print that they make.

      Soon afterwards, the ER vet who had been treating BoBo since Friday came out. I could tell she was shocked. We went in the private visiting/sitting room and she gave me a warm hug.

      She told me she was working on another patient and saw them bring back BoBo. She said her jaw dropped; she couldn't believe it. I explained how things happened-- I admit to sobbing. She said she felt that he must have thrown off a large or multiple clots that travelled to the brain or lungs. She said that the vocalizations and even the stretching out of his legs was most likely muscle reflexes. She said that how my mom described how he just fell down (not a flop down, not a lay down) makes her think even more for sure it was a clot to one of these organs. She didn't feel with the way it happened that BoBo was present. Whether this is true or not, it does make me feel better. She said

      I did weep and said that my internist had said an average of 1-2 two years after diagnosis and CHF, and why didn't I get that???

      But then I know there are far younger kitties who experience this and some like my friend Teresa never even knew her cat had heart issues until he threw a clot and died.

      I agree with the vet and others here. Thank God he was healthy and feeling good to come home and really enjoy himself even if it were just an hour or hour and half..

      My mom said she was just so happy that at least she got to see and love on him one more time.

      Thanks for all your thoughts and notes.



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