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48160Re: [FH] UPDATE. BoBo does not seems to be having a tough day today

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  • Christina Felty
    May 31, 2013
      Well it has been a long day!

      I was at the vet for four hours. Since he did not have an appointment we were being seen by the ER staff.

      Bobo was given a sedative and IV lasix in the oxygen tank. They had a lot of dogs in emergency care and Bobo was rather terrified.

      Kidney values are good. BUN 26 and creatinine was 1.7(?).

      He had a fever. They took blood for WBC and he was high. Since Bobo has had two PU surgeries in the past (for those who don't know what that is bobo had his penis amputated) they checked his urine-- he has a UTI. He is a big boy but clavamox gives him such a hard time that they are giving him other meds while they wait for a culture.

      X-rays showed fluid build up. MAybe just as bad as it was during his first CHF episode in March. Although this time maybe more diffused and not just focused on one area. Hard to tell really the radiologist had not been able to view them yet when I saw them.

      My vet is on maternity leave so the ER vet called one of their internists who has very close ties to the cardiology department at NCSU's vet school. She recommended the increase in a third dose of pimobendan while in the hospital. When I went home to pick up his meds I became very worried and asked the vet to explain about this dosing since I was skeptical.

      Apparently this increased dose has been showing positive outcomes at NCSU although has yet to be fully published. I was okay with that response as he is in ICU. I told her I just wanted to understand the rationale and I just wanted to be a good mom and really question.

      I said good night to him. Once again he was hiding under the blanket since he is so scared in the back. When I put my hand in the incubator hole he was very excited to see me.

      I called just now. He has eaten, pooped, peed, and still in oxygen. They said he pretty much keeps hidden poking out his head every now and then to watch the staff.

      So tomorrow we find out if he is ready to come home during his re-examines.

      Thank you to all who have reached out.

      Christina and Bobo
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