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  • RANSOM, Vicky
    Feb 1, 2002
      I recently joined this list and have been lurking for a while, although I do
      recognise a few people from the CRF list. To introduce myself, I live near
      London in the UK with my husband and our 3 persian cats, 3 year olds Miss
      Honey and Hailey and 18 month old Kirk.
      Hailey is the reason I joined this list. We got her from the rescue centre
      a couple of months ago, right after our CRF kitty died. We were told at the
      time that she had a grade 3 heart murmer as well as partial blindness, and
      she had been in the centre for a while with prospective owners being put off
      by her illness..I couldn't leave that sweet affectionate cat there - I mean
      it's not her fault she's got these health problems, is it? and it certainly
      doesn't make her any less deserving of a safe, loving home for the rest of
      her life..however long that turns out to be.
      Anyway, I decided I wanted to determine the cause of her heart murmer and
      rapid heart beat. T4 tests came back normal so this week I booked her in
      for a chest x-ray and heart ultrasound. When I went to collect her, the vet
      showed me all the pics and got the reference books out to try and explain
      everything to me, but I did get a bit lost (Sciences never my strong
      subject!). It seems to me that the upshot of the tests are that she has no
      heart enlargements, nor thickening or thinning of the heart wall, but they
      think there may be some constriction beneath the aorta (he called this
      sub-aortal something). She seems to be perfectly healthy at the moment so
      the vet is not recommending any treatment . He suggested two ways of moving
      forward, either to rescan her in 6 months and see if there are any changes
      in the heart measurements or to arrange a full colour scan with a
      cardiologist or at a university. I don't know what is the best thing to do,
      or what is the advantage of the full scan. Since she is healthy at the
      moment, is it worth me getting more tests on her?
      I know that in the case of CRF we have a less aggressive approach to
      treatment here in the UK. I don't know if this is the same for Heart
      problems, but I would certainly like to know what some of the options are so
      that I can put them to my vets.
      All the best
      Vicky, Miss Honey, Hailey, Kirk and Angel Prinny

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