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  • r schu
    May 22, 2013
      Just got back from our cardiologist visit.  May has fluid in her lung tissue due to pressure building up in her left atrium from the hcm (thickening heart walls causing ventricle not to fill as much or as quickly, so the atrium can't empty fast enough so bulges and builds up presssure.)  -did I get that right?

      Anyway, pressure in left atrium causes the pulmonary veins to enlarge and some blood ends up going into the lung tissue.  Thus the symptoms I have noted over the past few weeks, labored elevated respiration, and more of a gallop heart irregular rhythm.

      Her ionized magnesium, as well as all electrolytes are within range, so he didn't think the increased arrhythmia was from lack of magnesium.

      Bottom line is instead of 3mg lasix once a day, every other day I'm to give her an extra dose of lasix.  So pm one day, then am and pm next day, repeat.

      I'm glad I'm so tuned in to recognize this and take her in.  She did well on the drive and visit, as I get driven and she gets to sit on my lap.  That helps alot!  It seems so very obvious to me that something was not right in her heart from the way she was breathing.  It isn't much fluid, but it is some.

      So there you have it.  He didn't say no to carnitine but did say it could cause stomach upset.  So in trying to make one change at a time, we're changing two things!  Adding co10 when it arrives from vitacost and upping the lasix.

      Surprise is that her creatinine was 2.8, which has left me speechless.  It must be a mistake, she was up to 5, and it's been slowly rising from 3 since 2009.   So this is just not registering at the moment.  But it would seem her kidneys are not failing just yet, and that making her heart feel better is getting her to eat more and act better.  So hopefully this increase in lasix as well as coq10 will give my girl some more time to sit in the sun, purr with me, and live a while longer.

      Thank you for all your info.  We're to retest blood in a week to make sure her kidneys are handling the increased lasix.

      -Lee and Miss May, by my side, snoozing

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      do not give carnitine -- watch dr oz today -- he talks about
      it today 

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