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48034Staci's mom: quick update, up to 100ml per day, doing good

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  • tamitamco
    May 18, 2013

      Just a quick note to update that Staci is doing well. After a scare with overhydration/inappetance/constipation, she is doing better each day. The weight loss finally stopped and she has stabilized. Pre-crash weight was about 6.5, bloated high was 7.3, lowest ever 5.0, low this crash 5.2, stabilized a about 5.3. She is eating, pooping, and purring wonderfully. After she stopped absorbing fluids, we stopped for 10 days while she has a pouch and bloating. I started at 25ml, and are up to 100ml per day. She is thoroughly enjoying the 4 closet-beds that have been set up for her. She dreamed of sleeping in closets her whole life. The only problem is that the night I gave her closet access, she stopped sleeping in my bed with me every night. Sometimes she visits me in the morning for our special morning cuddle time.

      Take care,
      Tami, Staci's mom
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