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47980Re: [FH] Rhapsody's neurology consult

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  • honeybee100
    May 12, 2013
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      I've only read parts of Rhapsody's story and it's clear you are being
      incredibly diligent in trying to help him.

      I don't recall seeing that he had been tested for cryptococcus fungal
      infection, but maybe he has been tested and I missed it. It can be
      tested with a blood test.

      I once took in a rescued cat where the finder thought he'd been hit
      by a car because of abnormal walking and/or balance. The finder had
      taken him to a general DVM but at this moment I don't recall what
      they said, or if they'd done bloodwork or anything. I only had the
      cat a few days. He seemed to be doing better and then one morning I
      found him dead. I had a necropsy done because his sudden death took
      me by surprise. It turned out the cat had cryptococcus that had
      spread to his brain. Of course we had no idea how long he'd had the

      Just thought I'd mention crypto in case it hasn't been checked. I
      think toxoplasmosis can cause similar, but I think you already ruled
      that out. My apologies if these things have already been discussed.

      I wish you success in helping your handsome boy.

      On May 9, 2013, at 9:12 AM, Jim Sinclair wrote:

      > Neurologist suspects brain inflammation: meningitis or
      > encephalitis. Noted
      > ataxia, poor oral tone (which I can relate to his difficulty
      > getting and
      > holding crunchy treats in his mouth), protruding tongue, squinting
      > eyes,
      > and history of those episodes of severe ataxia (or possibly
      > seizures) which
      > have recently been associated with respiratory episodes but first
      > happened
      > (without noticeable respiratory component) when he was less than
      > six months
      > old.
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