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47931Staci's mom: update, restarted subqs,doing good

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  • tamitamco
    May 7, 2013

      I just wanted to check in with you on Staci's progress. We restarted subqs after an episode of over hydration. She did not get fluids for 10 days. I started with 25 ml, skipped a day, and then did 50ml. I plan to proceed with 50ml per day. She has been switched to benazepril. We are not seeing any more symptoms that we had during the time she was on amlodipine. (no more: bloating, puffy feet, inappetance, constipation, head moving while breathing, face movement while breathing) I have not heard any others notice these symptoms, but the correlation to amlodipine was pretty clear based on the timing.

      Staci is still slowly losing weight each day. I think this is just the last traces of fluid retention as she is eating really well. This is the first day that I think her bloating is completely gone. I am hoping that tomorrow weight will start to stabilize.

      I am grateful that she seems happy and content. I dont thonk she knows how worried i am about her. I have hoped to be at "stable" since her initial crash in February. She is getting there. I just dont know if I can ever feel that we are safe. I know that 20 is really old, I just keep hoping for more. The vet gave her 3-6 months. I have a feeling that Staci will prove her wrong and be around for longer.

      Take care,
      Tami, staci's mom