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47846Re: [FH] Relief about oxygen tank

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  • nyppsi
    Apr 24, 2013
      Jim Sinclair jisincla@... writes: <<.....I am not going to post
      specifics because if anyone else is going to make an oxygen cage, I want them to
      get guidance from their own vet about their own cat instead of copying what
      the vet here recommended
      for Rhapsody.)>>


      I understand your logic, but in some cases, people whose vets are not
      knowledgeable about asthma (and MANY MANY vets are not) may need something to
      use as a talking point when they ask their vet for plans for an oxygen

      While their vet's recommendation (assuming that they even give one) may not
      be exactly the same as the one your vet/tech gave you, having yours to ask
      their vet/tech about provides a starting point and gives one something to
      compare theirs to..

      Please post a description of what you got as a recommendation.

      I'm sure it will be appreciated by all.


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