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47821Top Tip - Drugging Little Kitties!

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  • morven_d
    Apr 21, 2013

      Wee message to say my baby Mia is doing sooooo much better today. Thanks to Laurie for suggesting she was onto the fact that the drugs were in her food & that's why she wouldn't eat - spot on! So now she is eating her food quite readily that it is drug free woop woop!

      My method for getting her life saving drugs into her now? Grind down into a fine powder & put in a bowl. Squirt some webbox in & mix into a sticky paste. Smear the mixture on a back leg & hey presto, our furry little friends lick the whole lot off!

      Mia hates when I do it, but it's saving her wee life so I really don't care coz it'll keep her with me :-)

      Love to y'all from Morven & Mia x