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  • marycayd
    Apr 11, 2013
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      Hi May Sue,

      I agree about needing more proof. My internist warns me about aspirin & bleeding so I’m really concerned giving it to a an almost 10 pound cat even if it’s just 1/4 tablet. I’ve given it once but have reservations about continuing it. I’ll call the vet tomorrow & discuss it. He hasn’t seen a cardiologist yet, but my vet does consult with one. Hope to do this soon, but for now the vet is it. He was “normal” at his physical except for having lost a little weight. He always seems hungry & I do give him extra if I can. His brother is larger & the vet doesn’t want him much heavier so it’s a challenge to feed one more & one less. They eat together so if one eats the other is right there. Back to the aspirin, I didn’t see any signs that it bothered him such as vomiting, I just hate giving anything that may hurt him. Thanks for responding Mary Sue, the articles I read really scared me.


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      Hi Marycay,

      My cat gets ¼ aspirin twice a week, prescribed by the cardiologist. She has restrictive-like cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure and is at high risk for clots. When I asked about the aspirin he said there is really no proof that either aspirin or Plavix work to prevent blood clots, but it’s the best they have now and there might be fewer side effects with aspirin. I will discuss this with him again when we review Esther’s progress and possible changes in meds in a couple of weeks since if there is no research showing benefit I’m not sure I want to continue it. I guess long term use can cause problems. So far she has had no obvious side effects from the aspirin and she has been getting it for about 9 weeks. At first I thought maybe it upset her stomach and appetite so on the days she gets the aspirin I also give her ¼ of a Pepcid.

      Mary Sue

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      When my almost 3 year old HCM kitty Jetsam had his yearly check up yesterday, the vet recommend 1/4 baby aspirin every 3-4 days. In checking this out on the web I came across many articles that say it’s poisonous to cats. I will call the vet tomorrow to discuss this, but in the mean time, I’d really like to know whether others have given aspirin to their cats & if so what were your experiences.

      Thank you,
      Marycay Doolittle

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