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47707Re: Chloe - Serious Dental Issues

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  • Janie
    Apr 11, 2013
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      My vet told me his nurse practicioner did the cleaning but he is there with her and he does the anthesia. He does the extractions and also the other stuff. Now our dentist does not clean our teeth but the dental asst does. We had 3 kitties with HCM. I dont think they were in danger and they were in pretty good condition but we had there teeth fixed as that poison can go to the heart and liver. I think that link someone put on here was good. The dif is I have been with my vet through many crisis and procedures and I trust him and his nurse completly as we have been through so much. I think you have to really know what they are using how it is done and if the kitty is in that much pain you might have to do it. Good luck Janie
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