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47706Re: Chloe - Serious Dental Issues

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  • s.theye
    Apr 10, 2013
      H Suzanne,

      I am sorry that you are having to deal with dental issues with Chloe.

      My Jack, who has HCM, had a dental last summer. His heart and dental issues weren't as severe as Chloe's sound, but I was still really nervous about the anesthesia. I received some great info from this group.

      Adriann sent this very informative post--just in case it might help- here's the link to it.


      I didn't want Jack to have to hang out long at the clinic, so his appt. was first that morning, and I waited in the waiting room and was allowed to sit with him as he woke up until he was stable enough to go home....I also had to take him off of his Plavix before and after the dental. He had 2 forls that were only seen on x-rays, so those teeth were removed.

      Take care,
      Shelley and Jack

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "zan200" <zan200@...> wrote:
      > Hi All,
      > Just wanted to post an update regarding Chloe - Chloe is still experiencing some very serious dental issues - pawing at her mouth (as in my YouTube video post), not wanting to eat on her own, etc.
      > Vet has continued Chloe's Zeniquin (antibiotic) and now has her on Buprenex by mouth for pain - there is nothing that can be done dental-wise without anesthesia and anesthetizing Chloe at this point would be a HUGE risk. There is a veterinary dentist and anesthesiologist in my area that my vet would contact if/when necessary, but it would literally be a life and death issue at that point.
      > Vet thinks both Chloe's lower back molars are involved - possibly FORL's or an infection of the roots below the gums. Chloe does have an acculmulation of tartar there that may be contributing to her problem.
      > I can't believe it's all coming down to this - Chloe's chest x-rays were unchanged from 2 weeks ago - a good sign that her heart meds are continuing to work...but the teeth are really making her miserable.
      > We thankfully were able to successfully give Chloe oral Buprenex - she had a very serious reaction to a Buprenex injection about a month ago and my vet was initially was afraid to try it orally. I was also concerned about any potential drug interactions as Chloe receives 6 different meds (3 heart drugs, antibiotic, appetite stimulant, and now the pain med) multiple times per day, but so far all is OK.
      > Anyone with a heart kitty also experiencing dental issues - I'd be very grateful for any advice on treatment, etc. Specifically, what are you doing to treat the dental problem without compromising the heart?
      > Thanks so much,
      > Suzanne and Chloe
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