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47677Re: Reduced Urination.

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  • r schu
    Apr 8, 2013

      I don't know how to translate uk blood numbers, assuming you're in the uk, and you didn't list ranges. Are those values really high? 680 and 46.4?

      I know how you feel, I worry about everything with May, all the ups and downs. She means the world to me, and is my everything. Her crea is getting up there but we had to reduce fluids since she developed worse hcm. So I syringe 26cc am and 26cc pm and chase her pills with homemade chicken broth orally, and she drinks some too.

      Perhaps your vet would approve small doses of sub q? Again, hard to say not knowing what that crea and bun mean, as well as phos range, and all the other values you listed without ranges.

      It sounds like you are taking really good care of him though! Doing everything you can. Hopefully he'll be home soon, where he'll feel more comfortable.

      The crf-support list, of which I've been a member for quite a while, can advise you on what level crea it's advisable to give sub q. And all else kidney related.

      Keep up your good work and please keep the list posted.

      -Lee and May

      Re: Reduced Urination.
      Sun Apr 7, 2013 7:46 am (PDT) . Posted by:
      "binarina1" binarina1
      Hello I was too scared to do sub q because of his heart, so I was syringe feeding him food and water. Although he did then start drinking frequently on his own, but wouldn't eat.


      Urea 46.4
      Potassium 5.8
      Creatinine 680
      Phos 5.19
      Alt 655
      Amyl 1903
      Glu 15.72
      Retic 58.5
      Rdw 24.8

      He wasn't overly dehydrated when skin tenting. He always ate dry. But the past few days he had wet k/d.

      He may well have been too weak to wee. I can't say. Although the litter boxes are downstairs, I carried him up and down many times throughout the day.

      He's at he vets now, staying for up to four days. They can't get IV access because his veins have collapsed :( so they are doing subcutaneous fluids instead.

      I'm so worried. He means everything to me.

      Thanks Sara.
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