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47673Re: Reduced Urination.

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  • r schu
    Apr 6, 2013
      I don't know if the potassium supplement can cause reduced urination, but I think not. It's hard to say without seeing his kidney values, and blood results.

      Are you doing sub q fluids? Feeding wet as opposed to dry food? Doing the test for dehydration by seeing how fast pinching the scruff of his neck returns to normal?

      And what about amount of urine? Before I put a litter box upstairs May peed 3 times per day, then went to 5 times! But soon I realized that the 5 were smaller, as she was not saving up her trips downstairs and felt easier just walking one room over.

      Is he tired and saving trips to the box and thus peeing more each time?

      Again, it's hard to talk about sub q fluids without knowing if his kidney values are high enough to warrant them.

      -Lee and May

      Reduced Urination.
      Sat Apr 6, 2013 6:04 am (PDT) . Posted by:
      "binarina1" binarina1
      Anyone had experience of this? My boys kidney values were slightly off when he had his last bloods. But they were greatly improved after IV (he was dehydrated). Problem is these last few days he's only been urinating twice a day. He isn't well, I'm assisted feeding him. He's drinking on his own, he's very wobbly and on a potassium supplement. Could the supplement have anything to do with it? He's being seen later today. Fingers crossed he doesn't have to stay in again, because each time he does I feel we lose a bit of him.
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