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47672Re: Allergies ?

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  • Janie
    Apr 6, 2013
      I cant remember the allergy meds Boomer took tis an old one begins with T and its sold over the counter. Dont get anything with D in it.

      Our dog years ago had severe allergies and we got shots and gave them to her and it did good. So I think your cardio is wrong. It is expensive. I have a beagle now who is real allergic. He takes temeril-p but it is for a dog it sure helps. I know if he gets real bad he takes a depo shot and a kitty with heart cant do that. I would make sure he has flea meds on anyway. Our dog will prob go on shots as he is on ZD and he still scratches year round. Trees are really bad here. Watch what is bad in your area hope it will be just a seasonal. I think our dog is allergic to something in our house and hes not allergic to cat or dust. My carpet sure isnt wool so I dont know what. Hes always scratching. Janie
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