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47650Re: [FH] Happy Birthday, Tink!

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  • Marina Palmerio
    Apr 1, 2013
      Dana, what a beautiful and heartwarming email. Happy Birthday to your precious Tink. Your story has given me hope !
      Baci from
      Marina, Kitty and Jax

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      On 1 Apr 2013, at 21:59, Dana Michelle <Garyandana@...> wrote:

      > Sometimes I feel almost guilty telling the list about wonderful milestones in my little boy's life, but then I realized that I look forward to those little golden kernels of hope myself, so I am here today to tell you that my sweet little Tink (originally named Tigger, but that name just didn't stick, except on the vet's records!) is 21 years old today!! Many many years ago (maybe when he was 10, I think?) he was diagnosed with a heart murmur, and HCM was discovered with an echocardiogram. He had a follow up a year or two later, and his HCM had progressed. By the time he was 15 or so, simple EKGs showed that his heart was too unstable for anesthesia. He was ultimately diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, and started on medication for that. Several months ago, we started him on daily prednisone (it was prednisolone until that became impossible to get around here) which relieves pain from arthritis/degenerative disks in his lower spine. I know it's not the greatest thing for a heart kitty, but it became a "quality over quantity" issue. Even if it shortens his life, at least he's comfortable and happy, and he runs around the house and meows loudly when he feels like showing off. lol He was started on Atenolol for blood pressure and apparently a bad arrhythmia about a month ago, and has never been on heart medications of any sort before that.
      > I know we've been INCREDIBLY lucky with him, and I thank God for every second I have with him. I've had him since he was 7 - 10 days old, according to the vet, and I bottle fed him and his sister (lost her to cancer at 11 years old, unfortunately). He's my sweet little boy, and he is the ultimate snugglebug. He wants to be held against my chest all the time, curled up in my arms so he can smoosh his little face against my cheek or the side of my neck....or squish his face against my glasses and knock them sideways off my face. He's happy with that, too. lol
      > Just know that their health can look bad on paper (when we were told years ago he was too unstable for anesthesia, I thought that meant he would die any day), but these little guys don't believe what the vets say. :) They stay as long as they can, and while it's never ever long enough, I'm grateful for every single second with him, even those seconds that come around 2:00 a.m. when he decides to stand on my face and meow loudly in my ear to wake me up for chin scratchings. :)
      > Kiss your babies, and know that while you may get bad news from the vet, they don't always know what the future holds and how long you will have your little ones. Sometimes you get fantastic gifts like a 21st birthday. :)
      > From Tink and me, may all of you and your babies have a WONDERFUL day today, filled with happiness and love and peace. :)
      > Love,
      > Dana and Tink (who had a chicken mcnugget for a lunchtime snack, and is getting steak tonight...and maybe a lick or two of whipped cream...and whatever else he wants!!)
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