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47633Re: [FH] Innova recall

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  • dianed143
    Mar 30 4:08 PM
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      That stinks. The girls go through 1large bag of food every 5-6 weeks. They had 1-2 days left as of this morning. I put the food in a better container so I have no idea what my lot number was. The sign In the store said it was a voluntary recall and to ask for more info. When I did the girl had no clue there even was a recall. So I came home with the Blue and mixed it into the same container with what little was left of the Innova. Which I then spent a good 20 minutes separating after I was able to read the recall info. I have to figure my last bag was ok as they are all acting fine. Am so tired of it being able to trust food anymore - human or pet


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      On Mar 30, 2013, at 12:57 PM, "Mary Sue Rubin" <msrubin@...> wrote:

      > It is growing each day and includes all brands of Natura, including Innova..
      > http://www.naturapet.com/voluntary_recall/Product%20Information%20Guide%202013-03-29.pdf
      > Mary Sue
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      > Subject: [FH] Innova recall
      > Looks like Innova has recalled some dry food voluntarily. I haven't
      > seen anything come through on this yet and the cashier I asked was
      > clueless. Anyone have anything? I picked up some Blue for them, hope
      > they like it as it's crazy expensive too.
      > Diane
      > __

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