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47621Re: [FH] My Bob, a 15 year old CRF kitty -- diagnosed with DCM today

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  • tafoster4000
    Mar 29, 2013
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      Glad to hear Bob is doing better. Don't listen to vet's prognosis, my vet said she always gives sort of the worse case because she doesn't want to give false hope if things go bad. She tries to be realistic. some cats do well on meds while doesn't work for others. In my case Moe had a very good reaction to his meds.

      My Moe, 17 yr old, was diagnosed last year in Feb with severe RCR (restrictive cardiomyopathy)after getting subqs at vet's office. he had just been diagnosed with apathetic hyperthyroid (my third apathatic hypert cat), so was given some fluids because he hadn't been eating nor drinking much. This threw him into congestive heart failure. Spent all of leap day in the ER. Had fluid taken from around his lungs and ECHO showed severe RCM. Vet said he was literally dying when I brought him in.

      Vet said he's probably been developing RCM over the years and the subqs threw his heart over the edge. She gave him a few months because the ECHO was so bad.

      Went home with lasix (12.5mg 1/2 tab twice a day)but on 5 day recheck he was developing fluid again, so upped to 12.5mg twice a day. Also added pimobendan, enalapril, plavix, potassium, CoQ10 this along with 1.25mg felimazole twice a day for his hyperT. Also getting AlOH, miralax, B vitamins and lysine in his food. Gets 1/6 or less of cyproheptadine for appetite as needed.

      He is on a grain free high protein canned food diet. I add between 50-100mls of extra water to his food daily. He does get a few grain free crunchies for lunch with added water. His kidney values are creeping up, so added azodyl 2 months ago and lowered his lasix to 6.25mg twice a day.

      He is still doing OK, he goes in next week for a 2 month FU after reducing his lasix.


      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "Karen" <krprice@...> wrote:
      > Actually, I was confused about the acronym for his condition. It's not HCM, it's DCM.
      > And I've been lying awake all night doing Internet searches for as much info as I can get. Some ideas I'm working on with the vet:
      > - Taurine - While he's been on a raw beef diet (Nature's Variety) which has beef muscle and beef heart (both are high in taurine), we have been adding sweet potato to it to slow down the absorption of the protein to protect his kidneys. Now I have learned that high-fiber diets can slow the absorption of taurine. So we're starting him on a taurine supplement ASAP (500mg 2x day).
      > - CoQ10 - We're giving him 50mg 2x day, to help boost his heart strength.
      > - Mitochondrial Energizer - She's recommended that he start taking this supplement to protect his heart and kidneys from further damage and possibly strengthen them.
      > - Blood Palace TCM - She is a Herbalist and Homeopathic doctor, with a specialty in Traditional Chinese Medicine for animals. My research on the scientific properties of Blood Palace is that it will act like a blood thinner, and make the platelets less sticky, making him less prone to clotting.
      > This is all in addition to the Bemobanden and the Lasix, as well as his Azodyl, Pepcid AC, Rehmmania 8, Epakatin, Renivast, and Wen Dan Tang (TCM for hyperthyroidism).
      > I'm feeling a bit more hopeful this morning. Most of what I've read about taurine-deficient DCM makes me think that he has a decent chance of improving, if we can just keep him healthy long enough for it to start to work. He's in good spirits and eating quite well. He seems to love the nutritional yeast I added to his food last night because it is a source of additional taurine. He's taking his pills like a champ, and his eyes don't appear to be sinking any more than they have been, making me think that the water in his food is helping to keep him hydrated just right. His breathing is slow and steady, with no catch. He's sleeping next to me and I count about 24 breaths a minute.
      > Karen
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