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47617Re: [FH] Re: Is it okay to give heart meds all at once?

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  • Ana Gutierrez
    Mar 28, 2013
      Dear all,

      I kept wondering about giving all the meds at once. I've always tried to
      separate Punky's pills as much as possible.
      Today I found a great app. It's called "epocrates" and works fine on
      Android. It has a huge database and contains all the info for every med,
      including some plants.
      Also, it has an awesome database on diseases. I have been reading the ones
      that Punky has (HCM, Pulmonary valve stenosis, etc...) and I've been
      learning a lot.

      Moreover, it has an interaction drug search thing. And apparently
      furosemide interacts with pretty much everything. I'm attaching the
      interactions of Punky's meds. If you cannot download/use the app, I'll be
      happy to do the searches for you guys.

      Hope this helps.

      Ana and Punky

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