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47604Re: [FH] Cat still losing weight, how can I encourage him to eat more?

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  • marianna.mayer
    Mar 26 8:00 PM
      Poor Harry...
      Please join the yahoo Feline-Assisted-Feeding group. Although you may not need to manually assist feed, you will find lots of info regarding feeding Harry. The members in this group are fantastic....as is Feline-heart.
      Since his tummy is sensitive, slippery elm bark powder made into a syrup by adding fresh water may help with that. But first let us know how you do with the Feline-Assisted-Feeding group.


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      For one of my hard to put on weight kitties, I use the Cat-Sure to add extra fluid (and calories) into his canned foods. I also give him "snack" of a kitty crack canned food (aka gravy fancy feast flavors).



      On Mar 26, 2013, at 10:31 AM, Jane Phillips <jphill49@...> wrote:

      > Harry is nearly 5yo and was diagnosed with mild hcm when he was 2. He didn't need medication until a month ago following a virus which made his murmur much worse. He had lost weight and his heart rate was over 200, his murmur was grade 4 and the cardio vet was very concerned. So he now has half an atenolol pill twice a day (65mg). Today's scan showed a big improvement, heart rate down to 140 and murmur,grade 2. But his weight has dropped again. The vet suggested giving him more treats and getting him to eat more but he won't eat treats since he twigged his medicine was in them! So now now I just pill him, but how do I get him to eat more? The other problem is he has a sensitive tummy so have to be careful what he eats. Any suggestions would be good, he needs to put on weight. I'm in the UK by the way.
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