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47588update on May

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  • r schu
    Mar 25, 2013
      Thought I'd post an update on May since her fainting spells 2/19:

      We seem to be balancing her crf and hcm, with low dose lasix 3mg, 1.25 plavix, and 1.25 benazepril since 3/7, all qd. Fluids reduced to 50cc/day with 10cc added orally, as well as her crf regimen. Her respiration and hr have lowered to comfortable levels and retest of blood to see if the benazepril was harming kidneys showed slight phos elevation, crea 4.9.

      Crea was 3.5 before this started one month ago, so I'm not happy about 4.9, and assume azodyl has these results lower than 'actual' kidney function. But our cardiologist doesn't want any more fluids or reduction in the benaz dose, and is very happy to see her kidney values leveling off, all be it, at this higher level.

      May has been eating much more on her own since before the benaz, but since benaz, even more. Worry wort that I am, I thought hyper t, but no!, that's normal, so...she's doing really well, if I didn't know her crea was 4.9 I'd not see it in her increased appetite as well as increased energy level. Phos is as high as it's been, but still not bad.

      What the vets all say is stress: high wbc and nuetrophils, I don't think is stress.

      But! Thursday she was pawing at her mouth, gagging with food, hurting! Vet said blood didn't show infection so watch her. I gave her some buprenex for pain and set in for a night of worry. Early a.m., she drank and ate on her own! Seemed ok, and full of cheek rubbing, seeming no pain. Then I found it, A TOOTH under the pillow, front left lower fang, rotted inside and severed at the gum
      line, looks like a mini shark's tooth.

      I wonder if the high wbc could have been a rotten tooth.

      She seems fine, possibly the root re-absorbed. She's eating, and except for an elevated resp and hr yesterday (so I skipped fluids last night), and back to normal today, is doing well.

      I wish the same to all other kitties on this list.

      -Lee and May
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