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47561Re: Zeke starting Furosemide

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  • Janette
    Mar 23, 2013
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      Zeke's blood sugar was 408. Now vet suspects diabetes on top of everything else. They wanted to test fructosomine and lab they sent blood work to doesn't do that so they had to have them send it back so they could send it elsewhere. Of course it's now the weekend so I'm not likely to get much in the way of answers. He's a bit weak on the legs. He seems to be breathing easier with the lasix. I'm concerned about having to wait till Monday should he need some insulin but I'm also afraid of the "low blood sugar" consequenses. I had a diabetic cat for years a long time ago. When her blood sugar got too low it was so scary and heartbreaking to deal with. I'm not sure what to do at this point, but I know he needs something. I'd hate to stress him out even further by dragging him back in today. He basically shut down (very stressed)when I had him in on Friday.
      Any ideas?

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      > Too Zeke in for his check up and blood work. He's had more labored breathing lately as well. Since Dec. he's lost 2 lbs. Vet detected fluid in his chest - first time so staring him on Furosemide. She injected him initially and I have pills for home. I'll know more on his bloodwork this afternoon. I noticed on the leaflett I got with the meds that it can have an interaction with benazepril - which Zeke is on. Is there a better diuretic that I should discuss with the vet? She said he's not in congestive heart failure and will start progressivly declining. I've been preparing myself for this, but it's not easy. Considering exactly 1 year ago he was diagnosed with early heart failure and vet expected he'd have about 6 months. I want him to be comfortable and quality of life. Any particular things I should be watching for? Only thing she mentionted to me was if he's open mouth breathing - he would need to go in and get put on oxygen.
      > Thanks for this group and everyone in it.
      > Janette
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