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  • Mary Sue Rubin
    Mar 22, 2013
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      This is what worked for me. I first looked at many online video
      demonstrations. Some use very different techniques, but I picked the one
      that seemed the safest, easiest, and less likely to choke the cat.

      I'm right handed. Wrap the cat up in a towel like a burrito with only the
      head out. Put cat on lap and hold snuggly against body with left arm and
      left hand around the top of the cat's head like a handle. Sometimes holding
      the side of the head steady works. It depends on the cat. If the cat is
      especially docile you won't even need the towel. Take the syringe with the
      medicine in it and place the tip of the syringe between the lips against
      the teeth on the right side close to the corner of the cat's lips which is
      roughly just below the ear. Then squirt slowly. Don't put the syringe
      through the teeth inside the mouth which can cause choking when the medicine
      is squirted directly into the throat. After a few sloppy attempts on my part
      my cat and I got used to it and it became quite easy and quick. Sometimes I
      had to stroke her throat to make her swallow in between squirts.

      Another trick I use, but you'll have to check with the vet to see if it's
      okay, is to dilute the medicine with salt free chicken broth or thinned out
      pure meat baby food. That helps if the medicine is especially bad tasting
      and with the baby food it slows down the administration so there is less
      likelihood of choking.

      I hope this works with Martha.

      Mary Sue

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      Subject: [FH] Liquid medicine

      Can someone help me with giving liquid medicine to Martha-- Please?
      Blessings,Lynda, Martha, Morelli and Angel C.B.

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