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47540Re: [FH] Is it okay to give heart meds all at once?

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  • Laurie Stead
    Mar 20, 2013
      Christina, I am so very sorry for the loss of Crybaby.  I am glad it was peaceful. 

      As far as the heart meds, I have always given all of Boo's meds together (lasix, plavix, benazepril and vetmedin).  I was never instructed otherwise and she has been taking them this way since Nov 2011.  I do think the addition of vetmedin will help.  Hopefully with the increased lasix, BoBo won't have any more scares.  Go with your gut, you knew BoBo needed an extra dose and you were right. 

      Keep us posted...

      From: cafelty77 <gollydolly@...>
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      Sent: Wednesday, March 20, 2013 6:06 PM
      Subject: [FH] Is it okay to give heart meds all at once?

      Hi there

      Today has been quite the day.

      BoBo had a check up with his doctor this morning. Initially she was really concerned with my adjusting his lasix over the weekend, but as soon as she reviewed his X-rays she said I had done the right thing.

      We have officially upped his dose to 12.5mg of lasix twice a day.

      His blood pressure was low-- and she felt uncomfortable with how low it was due to she felt that it was probably lower at home when he was not in stress. It was 80. We are reducing his enalapril to 1.25mg once a day.

      She added vetmedin to his drugs at 1.25mg pill twice a day. She felt that with the lower blood pressure from the enalapril and some pleural effusion (not a lot but some) and some additional fluid in the lungs that this would be a good add to his drugs.

      I read somewhere that the other heart meds should NOT be given at the same time as Lasix. NOw, my vet has not said anything about this-- and I have been giving them all at once (with the exception of the morning doses). Can anyone confirm if they are realy giving lasix at one time and then earlier/later giving the other heart meds?

      After we got home, my older kitty Crybaby was put to sleep by a in-home euthanasia vet. It was heartbreaking, but so much better to be at home and the vet just had such a incredible way about her. She kept speaking to my kitty as she did what she needed to do the whole time saying, "You are so loved Crybaby, so very loved." After giving us a few more minutes she brought in a beautiful basket with a cable knit blanket to take him away. She delivered him to the pet cremation service so I get to pick him up tomorrow at 5pm.

      At any rate, thank you in advance for the help!


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