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47503Re: New here with my 11 year old BoBo

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  • cafelty77
    Mar 17, 2013
      Thanks again. I am going to go ahead and give him the full dose again tonight.

      Unfortunately the house call euthanasia vet can only come on Wednesday (she is out of town), so we will hang in there until Wed at lunchtime. My boss went ahead and gave me the day off. It will also be good to be off for the full day in case my internist wants to see BoBo.

      I do have to say, I feel so paranoid these days. I am constantly checking breaths, constantly trying to see if he is using the litter box (he refuses to pee in a litter box, he goes on puppy pads with a towel over them)-- I think he is a little constipated so I gave him an 1/8 tsp this morning some psyllium and will do so tonight.

      I am terrified of leaving him too long--

      My mother (who lives with me) said that I should give him a break and stop continuously watching him--- I am just so high strung and worried.

      I think this disease just makes me feel so out of control whereas for my hyperthyroid kitty-- I know that things for the most part can be reversed. I know with my diabetic kitty that controlling his diabetes can be in control and is not terminal.

      But on the other hand-- with this-- I am petrified of just him dropping dead.



      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, elfinmyst@... wrote:
      > Hi
      > Then he definitely needs more lasix to get him out of heart failure. If you
      > need to give the full pill twice I day, it's what I would do until you can
      > speak to the cardiologist in the morning. He may need to be on this dose
      > for a while or on lasix plus spironolactone. Likely they will add a new drug
      > or increase the enalapril for you and when that works, you may be able to
      > reduce the lasix. But you're absolutely right, the heart failure is the
      > first priority.
      > I am sorry you are going to lose your older cat tomorrow. My thoughts and
      > prayers are with you that it is loving and peaceful as you give the final
      > act of kindness.
      > Lyn
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