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  • r schu
    Mar 17 11:22 AM
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      I'm no expert, but I wonder if enalapril is good for the kidneys? Or is it benazapril? Benaz is perported to be good for kidneys, though I've read mixed opinions about this.

      As I see it, and let me say again, I'm no expert and new at all this heart stuff, but both of these drugs are ace inhibitors, which inhibit the raas hormone system from constricting blood vessels in the kidneys, I think. (as well as the heart?)

      Benazepril is 'cleared' by the liver and enalapril by the kidneys, so I've read, so I think it's generally thought better to give benazepril to a kidney cat.

      My May just started benazepril for hcm and she had advanced crf. So far she is doing fine, and is eating more too. Our cardiologist suggested benazepril over enalepril for this reason.

      Hope this helps.

      -Lee and Miss May
      Re: Hello--I am new
      Fri Mar 15, 2013 3:57 am (PDT) . Posted by:

      Hello Lance

      Sedona urgently needs a heart ultrasound. The Xray does not diagnose heart
      disease, just shows the size of the heart. The ultrasound sees the heart in
      3d and tells you exactly what is wrong. Unfortunately with the raspy
      sounds, it does sound as if Sedona is entering heart failure and that needs
      immediate treatment. The cardiologist should be able to do the ultrasound and
      give immediate treatment afterwards. It would be diuretics and something to
      help the heart.

      There are a few issues can cause heart disease, such as anaemia and
      hyperthyroid so a full blood test would be likely to happen. The ultasound is not
      so stressful and doesn't need an anaesthetic but I would ask for one as
      very urgent. Your other issue is the fluids to help her kidneys, that needs to
      be very carefully controlled with heart disease. A cardiologist is by far
      the best person to help you here as they are aware of dealing with multiple

      Prednisolone is not good for cat with heart failure. It will push them
      further into CHF and many cats here have only been diagnosed after taking a
      steroid pushed them to CHF.

      There is a drug which can help the heart called enalapril (fortekor) and
      this is also a drug which helps the kidneys. You may be prescribed this as
      well as other drugs, likely a diuretic to reduce fluid on the lungs. I am so
      sorry you have so many issues all at once, you're doing a fantastic job,
      but I can't stress how urgent the ultrasound is.

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