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47496New here with my 11 year old BoBo

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  • cafelty77
    Mar 16, 2013
      Hello everyone

      Unfortunately I am new here. I am a cat mom to multiple kitties-- I had a bleeding heart when my stray cat that I adopted Zoe, ended up having babies. I kept the litter. There were 5 (4 boys, one girl) and in 2008 one boy passed away due to probable heart failure. One of the bothers is a diabetic since 2009 and another brother was just diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. My heart kitty, BoBo was was sent into the hospital when I noticed him crouching and not wanting to eat.

      When we arrived he was in CHF. He spent three days in the hospital-- on Lasix, in oxygen and rebounded quickly. His xrays the very next day were completely clear. The ultrasound confirmed HCM. He had normal BUN and creatine but while on IV lasix he went up to 42 for his BUN level. They took him off until they did the ultrasound.

      When he was discharged he still had breaths in the 36-44 at rest-- the ER vet felt that this was his normal since Oxygen had little effect on him. He said with the stress of being in ICU the Oxygen cage for 48 hours just did so little that they felt that he was not really in respiratory distress. During his recheck his breath was 70 (the vet is highly stressful for him). He also had a UTI so they had him on clavamox.

      He was discharged with 2.5mg of Enalapril 1x a day, 6.25mg of Lasix 2x a day. The clavamox we discontinued after 7 days-- it was killing his stomach and had him huddled in a box all day. On recheck his BUN was 38 (their lab range is 14-36) which they felt was due to the Lasix. The recheck was on Thursday. He had no more evidence of UTI so we felt good about not continuing the antibiotics.

      I noticed that today-- he seemed to be happy about food, but when he went into the kitchen he did his crouching again and just seemed tired. He is sleeping comfortable, and his respiration was ranging between 40-48 today--- higher when alert and when nervous (my mom who lives with me dropped some pans in the kitchen, I burned something in the oven, another kitty got into a scuffle, etc).

      Of course I am horribly paranoid-- so I called the ER Hospital-- they felt based on no open mouth breathing, his continued happiness in food that unless he went into 60-80 bpm during rest that it was not an emergency and I could wait for my specialist to return on Monday (this is a speciality clinic and my vet is an internist during the week-- she also cares for my diabetic kitty who had spent 3 weeks in the hospital in the past due to diabetic ketoacidosis). They said she will more than likely want to change his dosing on Lasix and potentially enalapril but they felt that as long as he was contiuing with his new self (i will say since the battle of CHF he is no longer bossy, he is far more sedate-- which they had told me with the enalapril could cause lethargy) to keep him home (since he gets so anxious at the vet.

      I will admit tonight, I gave him a full tab of lasix-- I feel like heart comes first and I will be up front about that with my vet.

      At the same hand, I really do not want another hospitalization. In the past 4 weeks I have had MULTIPLE vet bills $280.00 for a recheck on my diabetic kitty (we also changed his insulin), $785.00 on a emergency tooth extraction on my older kitty who come to find out will more than likely have to go to the rainbow bridge later this week since an abscess was not his issue and it looks more like a facial aggressive tumor, $585.00 emergency vet bill due to another one of my kitties who refused to eat a couple days due to anxiety (we have been using a thundershirt with her nightly that has helped immensely-- she had gotten into a fight with another and was too afraid to eat), hyperthyroid kitty who was another $380.00 and over $2600 for heart kitty. I really need a little of a break! Plus this does not count the various medications (heart kitty used to be NOT a piller cat-- but then he hated the compounded enalapril and lasix), hyperthyroid kitty is now on a transdermal, the various antibiotics for my dying kitty and heart kitty. And not to mention I know the in home euthanasia will be about $480.00 for cremation, etc.

      Also, I am rather panicked. I am supposed to go on vacation at the end of this month. My best friend is coming to town and we were going camping. My mom lives with me and can medicate diabetic kitty and pilling is a little new for her-- plus I don't know if since my heart kitty is not so stable if I just "trust" that to be 3 hours away.


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