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  • cactusspine
    Mar 14, 2013

      History of last few months:
      My name is Lance and my 18yr female is Sedona. Sedona has kidney issues, inflammed bowel disease and now some form of heart/lung issues (described below) For the last 3-4 months we have been treating her for inflamed bowel disease symptoms. During the myriad vet visits numerous vets had commented on her high heart rate and murmur. Her initial heart rate at the stressed vets office was around 210 and the murmur was rated a 3. Most recent vet visit on Tuesday she had a heart rate of 252 with a murmur at a 4/5. Over the last 6 weeks we have been monitoring her heart rate and breath rate very closely while resting at home. the lowest heart rate we have seen was 124 and up until today 160 with a general average of 140. Her breaths per minute are usually around 33 while resting (Sleeping). Over the last 6 weeks we have noticed her breathing becoming more raspy specifically during and after purring. Usually followed by lots of hard swallowing and sometimes multiple coughs. We were getting ready to start her on Prednilosone for her IBD but due to increased heart rate and bpm we wanted to make sure she was not in some form of congestive heart failure. We had a chest x ray on tuesday but the radiologist is not available to analyze it until next week. Our vet looked at it and said he does not see any obvious signs of CHF but her heart shadow may be slightly enlarged and he did see some possible evidence of "inflammation" but no evidence of fluid.

      Today she had a pretty significant IBD flare (or so we think, vomiting and diarrhea) and during and since this episode her heart rate and breathing has been quite elevated (heart 216 this morning and between 160-180) every other time.

      As we try to digest all of this new information (higher than normal breath rate, very high heart rate and increasing, murmur that appears to be getting worse, breath noises and coughing.) we are trying to gather as much as we can. Since our cat is becoming more and more panic stricken at going to the vets we we have a phone consult with a cardiologist on Monday (planning on sending them the chest xray) and we have a mobile vet coming (general prac)on Tuesday to provide us with her opinion and suggestions.

      I have a few specific questions that I would truly appreciate anyone's opinion on (It will be taken as opinion and not gospel). I have posed similar questions on the feline asthma forum.

      Is it plausible that Sedona's murmur is caused by the high heart rate, and the high heart rate is caused by the lung inflammation?

      With such a high heart rate and distinct murmur what are the risks of giving her prednisolone. It has been prescribed for her bowel inflammation and now for her lung inflammation (as yet fully diagnosed) but we are scared that even such a low dose (1.25mg 1xD)could cause further damage/risk to her heart condition.

      Although I am now very well versed about the various bowel/pancreas/kidney issues as we have been dealing with these for many months I am completely new to the heart/lung issues and treatments. Any links, questions, suggestions, things to ask the cardiologist in the phone consult on Monday would by hugely appreciated.

      We love sedona and have to date done everything we can to make her as comfortable as we can during her old age (we have a vet tech come 2x a week to give her fluids and administer any injections that might be necessary)

      Thanks in advance, Sorry for rambling.

      Lance and a sick little anxious Sedona
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