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47415Re: Blood Results Back - Worried.

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  • zan200
    Mar 5, 2013

      Chloe was in Stage II kidney disease when she was diagnosed with HCM/heart failure in November and has needed a steady increase in her Lasix dose to keep down her constant fluid buildup - she's now on 12.5 2X per day along with another 6.25 mid-afternoon - along with enalapril and spironolactone 2X per day.

      Chloe's kidney value's consistently went up until I started syringe feeding her food and water. My vet said the extra water not only has prevented Chloe from becomming dehydrated, but has actually lowered her creatinine levels back to an acceptable level.

      Chloe did not do well on Sub-Q fluids as the fluid went right into her chest and was not absorbed into the tissues - so syringing fluids helped avoid the Sub-Q's.

      This being said, Chloe is still building up fluid, and due to the increase in Lasix may need a Potassium supplement in the future - but as far as the kidneys are concerned, the supplemental fluids have definitely helped. I syringe 9mls of fluid 3X per day - 27 mls.total.

      If your kitty's Lasix is reduced, keep an eye out for an increase in respiration rate or other symptoms of distress - you can always give an emergency dose of Lasix and contact your vet to again adjust the dosage.

      Hope this helps,
      Take Care,
      Suzanne and Chloe
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