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47386Re: [FH] introduction to Esther=constipation

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  • groetzinger6
    Mar 4, 2013
      hi there, I see you guys talking about fiber=canned plain pumpkin works wonders. works better than miralax. i give it to all 3 of my cats=2 of them lick it off my finger=the third i use a small syringe and add water to make very thick pudding like=and give 1/2ml daily. or i give each cat 1 tsp every other day. i find if i do this daily it gets too loose so for now every other day works. also when looking at dry food there are some that come higher content in fiber=so i try to stick to nongrain type food but sometimes i have to mix it with cheap meowmix 30 % to give it smell because the higher end foods dont smell as much...this seems to work well. 70% food is highend and alittle snacktype mixed in keeps them from getting finicky. i tried to ween off cheap food but at this point the vet says get them eating rather than starve them...so this mix i have used for about 6 months now...but try the canned pumpkin but make sure it has nothing else in it...you only need about 1/2 cup for a week so you end up tossing the rest..i will snack on some of it or bake with left overs..muffins or such..hope this helps=i know pumpkin is very nutrisious for them!
      honeybee and tonda

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