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47374Re: [FH] Chloe - X-ray Not Good - More Lasix/Vetmedin

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  • zan200
    Mar 2, 2013
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      Hi Laurie,

      Yes, there is a reason behind the wild schedule...Chloe's vet added a third dose of Lasix to the mix this past Thursday - so in an attempt to group as many meds together, I came up with this idea:

      Lasix is now given every 8 hours
      Enalapril/Spiro is given every 12 hours

      Lasix 8:00AM, 4:00PM, 12:00AM
      Enalapril/Spiro 12:00PM/12:AM

      If I give the Lasix alone at 8:00AM, the last dose can be combined with the Enal./Spiro at midnight. It also enables me to give Chloe her "breakfast" before the Enal./Spiro as the vet said these drugs are better tolerated with food...Prior to this, Chloe received all three heart meds all at once (ahh, the simple life!) :).

      I do work at home, but it all gets crazy when I have to go out on appointments/errands or am preparing/serving dinner. I am convinced one day I'll sit down to dinner to find Chloe eating a plate of spaghetti and me eating a Fancy Feast milkshake! :)

      I'm keeping my fingers crossed the Vetmedin can be combined with the other heart meds - I don't know how I could possibly fit anything else into the day...

      Any ideas or suggestions for an easier schedule would be greatly appreciated!

      Exhausted Suzanne and Chloe

      > Hi Suzanne,
      > Wow that is some schedule!  Boo gets all her meds together - plavix, lasix, benazepril and vetmedin.   Is there a reason you are giving her the enalpril and spiro at a different time than the lasix? 
      > Laurie
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