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  • Mary Sue Rubin
    Mar 2, 2013
      Hi Lyn,

      I will definitely ask the cardiologist about Plavix. I've heard of CoQ10
      also and will look into starting it.

      I have been counting Esther's respiration, maybe a little obsessively. I do
      it once a day, at night, while I am reading and she is resting/sleeping in
      my lap. It is consistently between 19 and 21. It was more than 30 before she
      started her medication. I don't know what her normal was prior to that.

      Thanks for the feedback.

      Mary Sue

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      Hi Mary Sue

      I`m so glad she eventually saw a cardiologist and her medications are
      obviously keeping her heart disease from progressing. Another medication a
      of us use is CoQ which is a food supplement to help the heart at 30mg a day.

      Mine have taken it for up to 6 years now with their various medications.
      Vetmedin is a miracle drug in my opinion too, it saved Trixi after a heart

      Don't worry about the prognosis. Trixi was given a few months at 12 weeks
      old. She is seven years this year. Milli was given 2 years as a kitten and
      is also 7 years old this June. With medication, the disease can be
      stabilised. It's great she is enjoying life now.

      My Trixi was given both aspirin and plavix after her heart attack caused by
      a clot. But she couldn't tolerate aspirin and takes only plavix now.

      Count Esther's breaths.. learn the pattern and the normal rate per
      minute. (Count 15 secs * 4) Up to 30 normal, 30+ time to worry and 40+
      emergency. Important thing is a change.. count them when he is sleeping but


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