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47352Re: [FH] Re: Anyone familiar with Restrictive Cardiomyopathy?

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  • Laurie Stead
    Mar 2, 2013
      Hi Courtney,

      I definitely think adding vetmedin is worthwhile.  I was apprehensive too and we did it in baby steps to make sure Boo could tolerate it.  Maybe do 1/4 of a tab in the AM to start and increase it after a week adding a 1/4 PM dose if she is doing well with it.  After several months we worked up to 1/2 tab in the AM and 1/2 tab in the PM with no issues at all. Actually saw much improvement in her overall being. 

      Have you been taking Maggie's RRR (resting respiratory rate)?  The best way to gauge breathing issues is to count inward breaths while she is at rest (not awake and not in a deep sleep) over 15secs and then multiply by 4 to get her RRR.  This should be under 30, above 30 is cause for alarm but over 40 is an emergency.


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      Maggie is taking 12.5 mg furosemide 2x daily and 2.5 mg benazepril 1x daily.  I have started giving her an additional half tablet (6.25mg) furosemide in between the 2 tabs.  Since Maggie was first diagnosed on Dec. 1st and the fluids were drained from her chest, her breathing rate has never dropped below 60 bpm.  I've been concerned about it but my vet said that could be her new normal.  Maggie was also diagnosed with asthma a few years ago but it was found during a routine exam and she's never had sypmtoms from it.  we tried treating the asthma when the heart issue was found but the oral and inhaled steriods did NOT agree with her.

      She is not on Vetmedin because my vet was a little concerned because Maggie has proven to be sensitive to meds.  She couldn't handle the inhaled steriods, it caused her breathing to be much worse.

      But what I'm starting to wonder is, if her breathing is so rapid due to her body
      needing more oxygen due to the poor heart condition, maybe treating the heart with Vetmedin would also help her breathing.  I'm just nervous to try it.. 2 weeks ago, an xray showed some fluids in the chest cavity again, no where near the amount when she was first diagnosed, but still not good.

      So I'm stuck on what to do..  She still eats, drinks, sleeps and even plays at times.  But I can tell she has good days and bad...

      -Courtney & maggie

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