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47318Chloe - Bad Day/Better Day

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  • zan200
    Feb 28, 2013
      Hi All,

      Chloe's going in for her scheduled checkup this afternoon, so I'm praying all goes well. We've had some ups and downs these past few days, along with some setbacks, so in many ways I'm dreading this vet visit.

      I started sensing something was not quite right with Chloe earlier this week. Chloe began growling and turning her head away when I assist-fed her, and was definitely acting more aggressive (tried to nip my mother a few times - Chloe at her healthiest always had an aggressive streak, but no signs of this since her illness kicked in). Tuesday night, I thought Chhloe's breathing seemed deeper and faster - r rate was 28 - high for her, so I gave her an extra 1/8 Lasix with her nightly 12.5 mg dose.

      Chloe sleeps with my mother, and around 5:00AM Wednesday, threw up. All in all, things just did not look great. However, after this episode, Chloe perked up - r rate back down, breathing looked normal, no growling or aggression. Then, miracle of miracles, later Wed. afternoon, Chloe decided to give the carpet a nice horizontal scratch and take a long stroll around our fairly large patio - the patio stroll is something Chloe stopped doing over a month ago - I assumed she knew she no longer had the strength to walk that far...

      Is it possible that nausea caused all these symptoms - including the period of accelerated respiration? I was extremely concerned we had turned a dark corner, but again, back we came...

      Think of us today...praying the x-rays, bloodwork, etc. look good...Vet is always pessimistic, but we're still fighting....

      Suzanne and Chloe =^-.-^=
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