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47295Re: My 16-year-old kitty Daphne just diagnosed with DCM

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  • zan200
    Feb 25, 2013
      Hi Stacy,
      You're doing a great job with Daphne...Again, to echo what many of the great folks here on the Forum have said, don't take the vet's timeline as something set in stone. My now 19 year old Burmese, Chloe was given days/weeks to live when she was diagnosed with HCM and a severely enlarged heart back in November. Chloe has had numerous ups and downs, is being syringe fed supplemental food and fluids, but is still here 3 1/2 months later.

      To make things easier on both you and Daphne, ask your vet if you can give more than one medication at the same time. As I mentioned in another post, using a gelcap, I'm able to give Chloe all three of her heart meds. (enalapril, spironolactone, lasix) in one gelcap all at once. It really makes life easier...

      Take Care,
      Suzanne and Chloe
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