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472422nd episode of vomiting / immediately after Plavix

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  • Jordan
    Feb 20, 2013
      Hello All,

      Sheba had another episode of vomiting less than 30 minutes after I gave her, her Plavix. I was in the bedroom lion cutting my other persian, and I thought I heard something in the kitchen where Sheba was having her dinner. A few minutes later I saw her in the living room vomiting.

      Not as much vomit as last time, but still too much of a coincidence. Both episodes occurred 15-30 minutes after giving her, her plavix.

      When I went to her food bowl, it looked like there was white foam near the bowl. (the bowl frame in white too) I cleaned her face and changed her bib (yes, bib. Flat faced MESSY himalayan) and gave her some more food which she gobbled down.

      Someone suggested I give her the Plavix in the morning instead of the evening? How does this help reduce vomiting? Also, she WILL eat her plavix crushed into her wet food? Should I try that? Will that reduce the foaming/vomiting?

      Sheba also has feline asthma so I cannot pill her or syringe liquids into her, it can trigger an asthma attack. Pill pockets or mixed in food is the way to go with her.

      Thank you,
      Jordan and Sheba

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