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47237Re: Kitty newly diagnosed, need some recommendations

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  • Lisa
    Feb 20, 2013
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      Hi there,

      We're also in San Francisco and relatively new to all this heart stuff. Our Lumi (7 years) threw a clot in November and was found to be in an advanced stage of heart disease. It's all been, as you point out, emotionally and financially draining.

      I've had mixed feelings about our service at SFVS on Alabama Street. Lumi is blind and had a wonderful eye doctor there as a kitten. When we needed a cardiologist, we went back and have been very happy with Dr Justin Williams. He's knowledgeable, caring, and willing to talk at length with me about all my questions. Lumi has not tolerated the vet visits well and Dr Williams has been great about changing his approach so we do more at home. We've also been impressed with how SFVS communicates with our primary vet (Animal Farm).

      We did have an emergency with Lumi, related to his heart condition, and I cannot say I have the same warm feelings about that department. Financially, it was a nightmare; their procedures around payment were not appreciated. I had specific complaints and they were dealt with kindly, but the experience did taint my opinion of the larger hospital.

      We threatened to take our business elsewhere, but decided to stay for Dr Williams. (If there's another emergency, we'll go to All Animals.) I would recommend him and his staff without hesitation.

      Hope that helps!
      Lisa and Lumi
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