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  • elfinmyst
    Feb 19, 2013
      Hi Daniela

      Has your cat had an ultrasound to diagnose the heart condition. if not, I
      would ask to see a cardiologist and have one done so that you can find out
      what would help most. You now need to balance the heart and kidneys.

      I have two cats on pimobendan. Both are very serious heart cases and one
      was given it as a last resort with no chance to live and pulled through.
      Milli and Trixi have had it with a mix of other medications for years with no
      side effects at all. The sleepiness should go away in a few days to a week.
      To me it was a miracle drug.

      :) Lyn

      _www.myfurkids.co.uk_ (http://www.myfurkids.co.uk/)

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